• Factory Products, Gasket Set, 1450CC Twin Cam Top End Set.

Factory Products, Gasket Set, Comes With an Assortment of Parts For  Std Bore Top End Twin Cam. 
Parts And Quantities Listed Below w/ Description.


  • Two, HG-1450-MLS-030.030 Thick MLS Head Gasket.
  • Two, 16719-99SLS, Rocker Cover Base SLS.
  • Two, 17386-99SLS, Rocker Cover.
  • Two, 17591-99SLS, Breather Cover Gasket.
  • Two, 17592-99SLS, Breather Baffle Gasket.
  • Two, 18635-99SLS, Tappet Cover Gasket.
  • Four, HA1V, Valve Stem Oil Seal.
  • Four, HA2V, Valve Stem Oil Seal.
  • Two, 63815-99W, Air Cleaner.
  • One, 29313-95, Air Cleaner.
  • Two, 65324-83C, Exhaust Mounting.
  • One, 29583-01, Carburetor Backplate.
  • One, 29062-95B Carburetor Backplate.
  • Four, 11132, O-Ring Push Rod Tube Center
  • Two, 11256, O-Ring Cylinder Base
  • Four, 11145, O-Ring Push Rod Tube Tappet
  • Four, 11190, O-Ring Push Rod Tube To Cycle Head.
  • Two, 11270, O-Ring Rocker Cover.
  • Two, 11273, O-Ring Cylinder To Crank Case.
  • Two, 11289, O-Ring Sensors .
  • One, 11291, Map Sensor Seal.
  • Two, 11292, O-Ring Breather Bolt.
  • Two, 26995-86A, Intake Manifold To Cylinder Head.
  • One, 27002-89, Intake Manifold To Carburetor.
  • Two, 26858-99, Umbrella Valves.

Factory Products, Gasket Set, 1450CC Twin Cam Top End Set.

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