• Factory Products, Complete Bottom End Gasket Kit.

Complete Bottom End Gasket Kit for a 1450 & 1550 Twin Cam 1999 To 2006. 

Quantity Parts and Descriptions.

  • Two, 11140, O-Ring Front Fork Speedometer Sensor
  • Two, 11273, O-Ring Cylinder and Head Locating  
  • One, 11286, Outer Oil Pump O-Ring
  • One, 11288, O-Ring Cam Position Sensor
  • One, 11289, O-Ring Crank Position Sensor
  • One, 11293, O-Ring Oil Filter Mounting Bracket, Inner Oil Pump & Push Rod Upper Cover
  • One, 11301, Small Inner Oil Pump
  • One, 12068, Motor Oil-Seal Sprocket Shaft
  • Two, 18635-99SLS, Rubber and Steel Tappet Cover
  • Two, 25244-99FM, Foamet Stainless Cam Cover
  • Four, 26432-76A, O-Ring Cylinder Stud Insert, Engine Case Locating

Factory Products, Complete Bottom End Gasket Kit.

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